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Wedding Venues in Buckinghamshire

Over the years I have provided Disco and DJ services for many wedding venues in Buckinghamshire. Some of the better and most popular venues are detailed below.

Popular Wedding Venues in Buckinghamshire

For the past 16 years I have been providing disco and DJ services at some of the top wedding venues in Buckinghamshire. If you are looking at a venue for your wedding it is important to consider your entertainment requirements for the evening function as well as your requirements for the day. Many of your guests will only see the evening part of your wedding day and a good venue and a good DJ can make all the difference to the atmosphere on your wedding day.

My Featured Wedding Venue is The Buckinghamshire Golf Club

This is a superb facility for parties, especially Birthdays, Weddings and in this case a summer ball. I have put together a review from my perspective of the facilities at the Buckinghamshire Golf Club and the services I can provide for this venue.

Location- Nr Denham, Buckinghamshire
Travel Time –  45 minutes travel time.
Setup time – 1hr.
Space for full setup? – Yes,
Smoke Machine – No
Bubble Machine – Yes
Lighting – On dimmer switches can be controlled fully
Noise / Sound Limiter – No
Layout – Bar in a different room to the Disco, although I was in a smaller suite “The Heron” it may be different upstairs.
Staff – Organised and Helpfull.
Really pleasent venue, lovely atmosphere and drive in through the golf course.


Other popular wedding venues in Buckinghamshire

If you need a professional wedding DJ that is 100% reliable, uses the best equipment, has a wealth of experience, can keep the dance floor busy and the atmosphere right fill in the disco enquiry form now.